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Bill Havanki's Bio:

Hello! Bill Havanki is a software engineer with about sixteen years of experience in software development, including stints here and there in testing and requirements work. He has served as a technical lead for various projects while staying deep in implementation work.

His strong suit is Java development, anywhere from the service tier down through middleware and data storage access. Besides just serving calls and getting data out, he's designed and developed analytic algorithms to extract more value from the data itself. Web application design and development is another fun part of what he gets to do; good-looking and useful interfaces are essential, since a system needs to be used and enjoyed in order to succeed.

He likes to find and use great tools and processes to get the best results from his work, as well as to make the day-to-day life of building software more fun and rewarding. He prefers agile methods, either with his team or on his own if necessary.

He loves learning about new technologies that he can add to the arsenal he applies to his work. Once he's adopted them, he enjoys sharing information about them, through presentations or informal mentoring, so that others can benefit.

His goal is to work on fascinating software systems that make peoples' lives easier. He derives the greatest satisfaction from taking care of the needs of users and fellow developers alike, and seeing the fruits of his labor help those who need them.

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walking, running, martial arts, Buddhism, writing, giant transforming space robots

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